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We are a non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)3 initiated by a group of Ridgefield residents who know that living in a compassionate community improves lives. Born out of concerns about the high rates of stress, depression, and bullying among our youth, the incivility and hostility on all social media platforms, as well as the increase in hate vandalism in our area, we feel deeply that Ridgefield is OUR town and that, TOGETHER, we can do something to “shift” the culture. Our ultimate goal is to create a Ridgefield where every person - no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, abilities, religion, political, or sexual orientation - feels welcome and respected. Compassionate responsiveness can change our world, one person and one act at a time.

Our Mission Statement

Compassionate Ridgefield, in
collaboration with the town’s citizens, businesses & organizations, i
s committed to cultivating the 'principals of compassion' with courage and competency to foster a community that strives to listen, understand and include all others with empathy, respect,
and openheartedness.
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Our Vision Statement

We strive to create
ripples of compassion
throughout our community.  
Why compassion?

Because if we live amidst friends and neighbors who strive to understand, empathize and/or respond compassionately, our burdens will be lighter and easier to bear. And life is hard. For all of us. We all struggle with stress, pain, illness, sorrow, rejection, or disappointment -- if not today, tomorrow. But compassion can be a very real buffer for stress.

Scientific research is pretty clear that compassion improves one’s mental health, self-esteem, resilience, relationships, productivity, academic progress, physical health and the bottom lines of businesses and economic communities.

Moreover, compassion can be learned. Indeed, when others treat us with respect, empathy, understanding or acceptance, we often feel, in turn, kinder and more loving to the next person.

Who are you going to coin?

Join us and take the pledge today


Compassionate Ridgefield is very grateful to these donors for their generous contributions. Caring for our community is what they do!

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