Become a Compassionate Ambassador

What is the Community Ambassador Program?

The Community Ambassador Program is a partnership between Compassionate Ridgefield and local businesses/organizations/clubs with the goal of increasing visibility pertaining to the town of Ridgefield’s commitment to becoming a “town of compassion”. Based on Ridgefield’s Charter for Compassion pledge, local businesses/organizations who become Community Ambassadors will commit to making business and organizational decisions with these principles of compassion in mind.

What would my business/organization have to do in order to participate in the Community Ambassador Program?

Participation is very simple: a representative from the business/organization will be appointed as an Ambassador. The business/organization will display the Compassionate Ridgefield window cling or logo in their place of business. The business/organization will agree to make company decisions keeping the principles of The International Charter for Compassion in mind, and the business/organization will be invited to attend the Compassionate Ridgefield annual meeting - where businesses/organizations will be recognized for their participation.


Will my business/organization have to change or alter our model or our way of conducting business?

No. We simply ask that company decisions, training, customer service (etc.) be carried forth with The Charter for Compassion pledge (described below) in mind. Most businesses/organizations already conduct business in this manner. The goal here is to bring attention to this, and to increase town visibility as it pertains to Ridgefield’s commitment to The Charter.

Will Compassionate Ridgefield provide my club/ business/organization with the logo to display?

Yes. We will provide your business with a window cling or logo to post on your counter or window to highlight your commitment to compassion and we are happy to give you any other information that you would like.

Will my club/business/organization have to “formalize” this partnership?

We ask that you sign the brief “pledge” (see below for reference) in order to document your participation. Your business/organization will be listed as a Community Ambassador along with the dozens of other organizations who are also participating on our website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and

What is the Charter for Compassion pledge?

Ridgefield’s Charter for Compassion pledge is based on the pledge of The International Charter for Compassion.

Living the principle of compassion calls us to always treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us to work towards the alleviation of suffering and to honor and treat every single human being with absolute justice, equity and respect. We call upon all people to restore compassion to the center of everyday life, to foster an appreciation of cultural and religious diversity, and to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings. Compassion is the path to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community. I pledge to conduct myself, my business, and organizations with these tenets in mind, and to participate in Ridgefield's commitment of creating a community wherein our compassion reflects our deep recognition of our common humanity."


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